My name is Alexandra, I have been a Clairsentience and Clairvoyant all of my life, and have used these abilities to help many people.
I was first attuned to Reiki  in January 2003, and am a practising Reiki practitioner and Teacher. I have been attuned to different types of Reiki and have been holding workshops for several years now, which have been a great success.
I am based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but I also work out of The Therapy Rooms in Dromore, County Down. You can contact me to arrange appointments or distance healing or attunements. I am  now offering Angel or Tarot card readings which can be done one to one in person, or via skype.
I have found through experience, that there should be no constraints on Reiki only what you constrain upon yourself, and not what others try to impose on you. You should follow your heart and your inner voice. It is your path, walk it your own way and always strive to do your best and be honest with your self and everyone around you.
All of my life I have always tried to help people. Friends and family have come to me for advice and someone to listen to them. When they do I can  always sense how they are feeling, and why they are feeling that way.
I believe there will be a time when everyone uses Reiki for their own use, in their own way, to help support them on their own journey. Until then, I want to be able to pass on all of my experiences and knowledge to like- minded people, to also gain knowledge from them and share in their experiences.
I believe that there is no need or use for worry, anger, violence, or any other negative feelings and actions, and that Reiki can help us to achieve this to lead happy and balanced lives.
This is only a fraction of what I personally believe, and who I am. If you ever need advice, help or want to share experiences, you can contact me on the email address. I will never judge, and I will always be honest and share everything I know with you, and I can guarantee that we will learn from each other.