1.The first thing that you need to do is tidy your house. Do this a few days, at least, before you are going to do your clearing. Dust, clean, hoover, throw out unwanted items, repair or throw out broken items. The more things you clear out the more space you leave for good energy to move around in. It also helps to get rid of stagnant energy that stays around unused items.

2.Gather equipment that you will need to use for clearing and for the offering bowls used after the clearing.

You will need:-
Incense for clearing, Frankincense, Tangerine, clove, cinnamon, Vitivert.
Incense for afterwards, Myrrh, lemon, lavender.
Bell or Tibetan bells,
Candles, tea lights are great.
Heat proof dish/plate.
Flowers these represent new growth.
Reiki water. (If you can’t get this water is fine).
Fruit, cut up.
CD’s of nice calming music or sounds.
Rock/sea salt, this helps to remove negativity and place your own imprint.
Essential oils, tea tree, lemon, lime, lavender, orange. (don’t worry if you can’t
get hold of all of these or the incense a few will be fine. )

3.The evening before place bowls of salt in the middle of each room overnight to absorb negative energies. Flush all of the salt away either down the loo or down a plug or drain, just make sure you flush it well away using plenty of water, you don’t want any of that negativity around your house.

4.Gather together all your equipment that you are going to need the day/evening before, I usually use two trays, one for clearing the house and the other for everything needed to make up offering bowls. For clearing the house you need the bell/ Tibetan bell, incense for clearing, matches, heat proof dish/plate. For the offering bowls, walk around your house and decide how many of your rooms you want to place an offering bowl in. Use your intuition for this, you may want to put one large one in the room that you or your family use most, and/or little ones in the rest of the rooms. The offering bowls will stay for a few days in these rooms so take this into consideration when deciding, if you have small children, animals, this may affect your decision. We place offering bowls in rooms as after the clearing we have taken energy out of our home, albeit negative, so we need to replace it. The offering bowls encourage Angels, Fairies, Past Masters, anything that you believe in to come to your home to help replace the energy with good energy. Take this into consideration when making up your offering bowls and feel free to add anything that you feel your spirits etc. would like. There is no right or wrong way when making these up, just do what you feel is right. Gather together everything that you will need, incense, candles, flowers, salt, essential oils, crystals, Reiki water, and place outside your home or area you are clearing. Don’t leave it outside as there may be a frost, so try and leave it in an outhouse etc. If you don’t have one, leave it outside your home before you start the clearing. It is important to make sure it is outside the area you are clearing so no negative energy sticks to it, which may then reduce your hard work and the amount of good energy coming back into your home. For the same reason before you start your clearing, make sure all food, drink, fruit etc. is covered, put away or outside so that it doesn’t absorb the negative energy, as when this is eaten it could make the person sick.

5. Get a good nights rest, you need to be focused and full of good, bright energy.

6. Make sure everyone not involved in the clearing is out of the house, put
answering machine on so you are not disturbed. It will only take a few hours
to do the actual clearing, people can come back when you are making up the
offering bowls, but they don’t have too.

7. Light some of the incense as you are going to cleanse yourself. Start by
moving smoke over your body, starting at the top of your head move down the
front of body lift each foot and up the back of body finishing at back of your
head. Extinguish the incense.

8. If someone is helping ( make sure they have been cleansed too), they can do
this first bit, if not do it yourself. Take the bell or Tibetan bell whichever you
have chosen to use, start at your front door at the top right hand corner and
work towards the right going into each room working around the same way
for each room, and ending up at your front door again. Ring the bell around
the edges of the rooms paying  particular attention to the corners and any
where that your intuition tells you too. Wash your hands at the end.
What you are doing is stirring up all the negative, stagnant energy, so
when you get to the next step of sweeping the energy out it is already
circulating and is easier to sweep out.

9. Next light your incense and place on heat proof dish/plate, this way you catch
all of the ash. Using your hand waft the smoke into all of the corners,
windows, doorways, walls etc., starting at the front door at the top right hand
corner and working the same way as you did with the bell. In every room
recite the blessing “ I banish all negative energy from this home, and I bless
house with the energy of love and light. “ Work your way around the house into
every room and back to the front door. When you get here open the front door
and sweep the energy out and say “ All negative energy be gone. “ With this
and any of the blessings it doesn’t matter whether you say this out loud or in
your head, whichever makes you feel comfortable.

10. After you have done the clearing you don’t want anyone to bring their
negative energy from their own lives into your house, as the residue of this
can sometimes stay. To do this place a line of salt across the threshold of your
front and back door. If this isn’t possible paint a line with salt water and
clean and replace regularly. When you do this say “ May everyone that enters
leave their negative energy outside our home. “

11. Now smudge your body one more time with incense, starting again at top of
head , down front of body, under feet, up the back of body to top of head.
The clearing is now done.

12. Now make up your offering bowls. I usually take the petals of the flowers ( I
use cheap colourful Chrysanthamums ) and sprinkle them into the bowl. I
then place a candle, a little bit of salt or  Reiki water or both depending on
intuition for each room in a smaller bowl, incense, fruit chopped up quite
small and some crystals in each bowl. You don’t have to do this, you could
place a small vase of flowers and a candle or incense in some rooms and
only make up one offering bowl as stated before. Add whatever you want,
you may want to add something that represents the five elements, fire, air,
earth, metal and water. Enjoy yourself when you are doing this light some
essential oils (see above for which ones to use), play a CD of relaxing music
I like to play noises from the rainforest which I find relaxing and I find that
the atmosphere feel like it is being renewed and enlivened. Go with what
feels right for you.

13. Lastly place your offering bowls etc. in each room and light incense/
candles and say, “ This room is now filled with love and happiness.”
If you have time visualise the room being filled with pink, happy, loving
energy.  If there are any rooms/cupboards that you feel you want to leave
something in but isn’t practical just leave a bowl of salt and change at the
new moon. Also leave a small bowl of salt in each room once a month
overnight, to help absorb any negative energy. Regularly light incense,
candles and essential oils that you used after clearing, to help encourage
positive good energy, as this charges a room. You can also leave crystals in
rooms to help protect and keep rooms charged. Remember to clear offering
bows away after a few days, especially if the fruit or flowers are starting to
rot as this is negative energy. Enjoy your cleared house and try to do this at
least twice a year to keep it free from negativity.